The Many Open Minds of Roger Kellaway

(feat. Bruce Forman & Dan Lutz)


Amazon CD Purchase Link for “The Many Open Minds of Roger Kellaway (feat. Bruce Forman & Dan Lutz)”

“This is a surprisingly wonderful album…no matter what your taste in jazz, this is one new CD you’ve got to have!” 
Lynn René Bayley – Art Music Lounge

“Released to coincide with Kellaway’s 80th birthday, this stylistically expansive collection celebrates three masters at their best, while opening our minds to new ways to tackle songs we thought we knew well.” 
Jonathan Widran – The JW Vibe

“A masterful set from a real master, this stands as a record that needed to be made.” 
CHRIS SPECTOR Midwest Record – Entertainment Reviews

“So far this week I’ve received 24 CDs for review. How does one make a choice …it is difficult. However, if included in the mix is an album by Roger Kellaway then all bets are off. Recorded live at the Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles – the 80 year old pianist delivers the goods like few pianists in the history of jazz have ever done.” 

“Invaluable collector album – The Many Open Minds of Roger Kellaway. I can tell you right now that tunes like the opener, ‘52nd Street Theme’ will just WOW your ears… Roger’s fingers are like lightning on the keyboard, and the rest of the trio is equally high-energy. I predict this tune will be getting some MAJOR airplay!”  
Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

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